OpenSource Security Awareness Platform

Awora is OpenSource Security Awareness Platform that comes pre-packages with security awareness content – making it easy for everyone to educate employees.

Educate Employee's in 3 Ways

Awareness Portal

Simple and easy to use portal, that allows people and look for security awareness content, policies etc.
You can even define content - that might not be related to cyber security !

Launch the Campaign

Launch the campaign and phishing emails are sent in the background. You can also schedule campaigns to launch whenever you'd like.

Track Results

Detailed results are delivered in near real-time. Results can be exported for use in reports.

Our Platform

One-Click Installation

Awora can be installed with a single download. Get up and running in seconds.

Full Customization

Awora is powered by a PHP. You can quickly edit everything including how content is placed, what data is used etc.

Beautiful Web UI

Awora has a gorgeous web interface. Import existing websites and emails, enable email open tracking, and more with a single click.

Cross Platform

Awora can be deployed in any platform, including Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Real-Time Results

Awora updates assessment automatically.

"Just Works"

Everything in Awora is designed to "just work". It's so easy to setup, easy to use, and quick to give powerful results that you'll think it's magic.

Test Your Employees Awareness to Social Engineering

For Free !

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